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Enhance Your Surveys With Socrates® Probing


Socrates is the world’s only software-based moderator. It was developed by Quester® and is based on psychiatric interviewing principles.

Key Benefits


More depth: Socrates understands the language of the consumer,probes intelligently and in context for more depth and richer stories. A respondent’s thoughts, ideas and emotions can now be captured in the survey.


Easy to use: Simply check a box when creating your survey in the Survelytics dashboard to enable probing for the desire textbox



The survey experience

Survey respondents chat with Socrates through standard textboxes. Socrates Probing is:

User friendly: real time probing, automated. Easy to use on any textbox.

Convenient: survey access 24/7, multi-lingual capabilities.

Engaging: Socrates is conversational in nature and gathers deeper insights from the respondent.


Socrates Probing In Action


Present topic, set expectations of additional discussion.

System selects key element of response and incorporates into follow-up probe.

Capture deeper insights to better understand consumer mindset.





* Socrates® Probing is not available in offline mode.