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Survelytics is a digital market research platform that allows for convenient, fun filled and real time feedback from the participants. Survelytics enables enterprises to capture, aggregate and analyze quantitative and qualitative survey data anytime, anywhere. Survelytics is easy to use and can work in both online and offline mode. It provides users with a secure data collection mechanism on the cloud giving the ability to connect with respondents ‘in the moment’ and enabling them to give objective, real-time responses.

Login to Survelytics Authoring Website:

Open link

Forgot password:

Click on this link and enter your user name to reset the password

Change password:

You can change the password once you login.

Creating New Survey:

1. Click on Create survey icon and select a Project.

2. Now select a project and click on Create Survey icon to create the New Survey.

  1. Fill up the Survey title and Description.
  2. Select “From Existing QNR” to use existing templates. Otherwise us “New QNR”

Edit Description:

If user wants to edit the survey description then he has to press the edit survey description tab.

Save Survey:

You can save the survey at any time by clicking the Save Survey button.

Edit Surveys:

Click on the Edit survey button to edit the survey questions.

Publish Survey:

1. Send the survey for Approval. Note the state changes to “With reviewer”.

2. Review the survey and make any changes if required.

3. Approve the survey.

4. Now click on the “Publish” survey icon to publish it.